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Livestock Insurance

Animals are Assets too


Aduna Insurance provides insurance to farmers

in Norwalk, Downey, Santa Fe Springs, La Mirada,

Cerritos, Whittier, and surrounding areas.

As the owner and operator of an independent

farm or ranch, you’ve made a number of

investments into your agribusiness – equipment,

machinery, and crops. Livestock is also a big

investment for farmers and ranchers alike, and

like any financial asset, you’ll want to ensure

a high-level of security and protection – so your

animals will stay covered.  

At Aduna Insurance , we know that the health and safety of your  animals directly affects the health

and profitability of your farm. Livestock insurance can protect you and your farm against the financial

losses that could occur if your animals are harmed or killed as a result of a covered accident such as a

fire, blizzard, or other natural disaster – even when your animals in transit. 

Livestock insurance policies will vary from person to person, farm to farm, and animal to animal. The

insurance value of each animal is usually its purchase price, but other factors such as performance

level or value of your animal’s offspring can increase that value.  A specialist at Aduna Insurance can

help you determine the right amount of coverage at a price that meets your needs.

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