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Welcome to Aduna Insurance Agency & QJJJJ56 SMS Alerts!

Today, we are excited to introduce our new SMS notification feature

Why sign up for our SMS notifications?

  1. Instant updates: With our SMS alerts, you don't need to check your email or log into your account to get updates. You will receive policy updates, reminders, and alerts right on your phone.

  2. Easy access: Our text messages are short, clear, and provide just the right information you need. No more wading through heavy emails.

  3. Stay secure: We ensure all your data is protected and secure. You can trust us to keep your phone number private and use it only for necessary communications.

How to Subscribe:

  1. Step One: Enter your phone number in the box below.

  2. Step Two: Check the box to confirm that you would like to receive text messages from Aduna Insurance Agency and QJJJJ56.

  3. Step Three: Click the "Subscribe Now" button.

Remember, you can opt out of these notifications at any time. We respect your privacy and your choice.

Thanks for subscribing!

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